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Beware From Carding Products and Scammers

In these days, I have seen many Groups on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram about Carding products. Maybe you have seen too or maybe you have got direct message on WhatsApp, Telegram or maybe any other platform about carding deals. They are selling carding products in 50% or even less of the price of the actual products. So I have decided to write an article on this topic. You will know carding reality in depth.

I request you to all, don’t fall for it. This deals looks very interesting. Do Not believe in these groups or any individual who claims that I will give you Samsung S10 in 3000 Rs Or 5000 Rs Or maybe any other latest phone could be a part of deals.  I will share some screenshots so you will get more idea about this. Not only iPhone they offer you anything like Canon mark 5D, Oneplus 7 pro, Macbook air or any other phone, laptop or gadget. Maybe they will tell you send product name and we will give you the price. They will always give price lower so people easily fall for it. Beware, otherwise you will lost your hard earned money.

Do Not believe in Any groups or any individual who claims that HE will give you any product in discounted price

I have seen many people that already ripped off, Who complaining on YouTube, Telegram and other forum sites, But my question is that How people can believe that they’ll get 1,00,000 INR product In 5000 Rs or 8000 Rs. These Rippers or carders using this greediness of people and make them fool and trap their money. They mostly target young generation’s who ready to pay small amounts for mobile, laptops and DSLR. There are hundreds of group available and they are making people fool every single day. People are losing their hard earned money. Share with others so they will know whats going around..

How Carder or Scammer trap people

First of all, Carders claims that they are hacker and they can able to hack credit cards of foreign countries like the UK, US and pay via them for your product. So you will get those carding products at a very cheap price.

How carder trap people
How Carder or Scammer trap people

They also offer you the product delivery from the Amazon.in, Amazon.com Or Flipkart.com. And then they showing you proofs of purchases to get your trust and convince you to pay in advance. They will show you proof that they are legit.

carder showing fake proof
How carder or scammer showing fake proof and trap people
Chat with carder or scammer
Chat with carder or scammer that selling carding products

Again I would like to say, Do not trust any of these losers and don’t ever pay. They are ripper. You will lost your hard earned money. For example, I have contacted one of carder and I said that, send me product over cash on delivery then he totally refuse and ask for full advance payment. They also make his channel full secure via encryption chat conversation so you can not able to track him, also they don’t allow to take a screenshot, so I need to take a photo of it.




They will block people after payment. Lots of people told me about this. Check screenshots. You can click on any image to see in large mode.

Carder or scammer block people after payment
Carder or scammer block people after payment

Don’t Forget Your Privacy & security  in your hand.

If you found any other Carder name or group name please feel free to sent here in the comment box so other can see. You can share screenshot also. You can use imgur.com for sharing screenshots in comment box. If you have any question, feel free to ask. You can use other contact mode to contact me. You can find in on my Bio. Thanks for the Reading, Stay alert and Stay away from these type of guys. Don’t forget to share with others. So they will also aware about this scam.

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