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You need to know about weight loss Guide if you are unable to lose weight

The weight loss industry is full of myths. People often advice you hundreds and hundreds of ways to lose weight. They may be true or may be some of them are going to guarantee that you actually lose weight. Some advised to do crazy things. Most of which have no evidence behind them.

Lot’s of people tried everything but still they can not lose weight. You are also one of them then this article for you. You need to understand some basic concept before to do anything. Its really important to understand something. This is a very complex process. So you need to know every fact about weight loss.

Does not increase weight by eating too much, It increases by eating wrong

Do Exercise

Weight loss is actually 70% diet and 30% exercise. If you do not exercise, you are missing 30%. In my opinion exercise is better if you do. Exercise will help 30% it self. Its very effective component so don’t miss it. You need to give 2-3 hours in a week. Everybody can does. Always remember we need to increase physical activity every week or month. It’s really important.

What to eat

What is the actual right way to eat and What to eat. Here in this article I’m not going to tell you. This is our main object and weight loss goal depend on it. You can eat many times whenever you feel hungry. Yes you heard right but in a right way. So how to do that.

Eat vegetables, fruits, salad. Eat as much you want. You can eat every hour if you feel hungry. You need to take only fat free dairy product like milk, curd, butter milk, paneer. Fat free milk can be skimmed or doubled toned. Make curd and panner at home from skimmed or doubled toned milk. You can not use full fat cream milk. If you buy from outside it will made from full fat milk. You can drink milk as much you want.

‘We also need water in our daily routine. We need to drink 3-4 litter water daily. If you take 1L milk than you can take 3L water. We need balance so it’s up to you. You need to understand the requirement of water. For weight loos, fat must be burned and convert into energy. For that, our body needs medium. That why we need water otherwise this process goes slow. Metabolism goes slow.

What not to eat

You need to understand this also you must start avoid some things if you really want to lose weight. Stop eating outside food and must important avoid sugar. Start eating at home. You need to take only less carbohydrate food.

If I will say just stop eating rice and roti for a month, the first thing you’ll say – You must be joking! What will I eat?, or I am a vegetarian. I can not do this. You can always switch back to eating them. I’m not saying for forever. The real problem is that it’s hard to change the basic food we eat all the time. We can’t stop at once so start slowly. If you can avoid wheat its really good.

The Key to Weight Loss Is Diet Quality

Some Useful tips for weight loss

  • Use Rice brain oil or Canola oil in kitchen.
  • Avoid Sugar, Butter and Cheese.
  • Skip sweets and desert
  • Say no to cold drinks and fried foods.
  • Don’t drink alcohols.
  • Try to eat home cooked food
  • Eat less carbs food.
  • Add higher protein food in diet
  • Drink more water
  • Do exercise
Some Useful tips for weight loss You need to know about weight loss Guide if you are unable to lose weight
Some Useful tips for weight loss

My final word, always eat clean. Take enough protein in diet so always choose higher protein food. Try to balance it with every meal. Whenever you feel hungry, may be you can say in snacks time take only vegetables and fruits. You can drink milk also its a very good option.

If you still can not lose weight then you need to test your thyroid level, hormonal level. Some test is only for women PCOS test, FSH/LH ratio test on 3rd day of menstrual cycle. So consult your doctor. Weight loss topic is big it self so i can not cover everything. If you still have any question you can comment or email.

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